F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 | Microprose 1991 (Roland sound)

Another classic from Microprose. It was a sequel to award-winning F-19 Stealth Fighter. It added several new theatres of operations and updated the graphics and sounds. This particular version is taken from my Steam install and run under DOSBox with my own custom dosbox settings. Most noteworthy is the Roland sound which I emulated with the Munt: MT-32 emulator. Showcasing this game is no coincidence however, since recently I stumbled upon one guy named Toumal, who is trying to remake that classic game in Unity. Here's more details and some videos of his current progress:
I hope he succeeds with his work since the game hasn't aged well (flight model is just not fun to fly) and I would love to play modernized version (although still in retro-style) of this old gem.

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