Simulcra (Amiga) - A Playguide and Review - by

Continuing our 3D theme, we check out Simulcra - a very easy game with lots of high speed 3D action. I got very far with this, but is it just too huge to be fun? Production Notes: ============= Ripped: 12 Jan 2014 Started 30th Aug 2014 Completed: 5 September 2014 Version 3C This guide once again suffered at the mercy of work and neglect, and I think my microphone is on its way out as everything seems to have gotten very bassy all of a sudden. I noticed my voice is also on the bottom register, while Hybris and Zool were more middle-noted, so this makes the video feel a bit gloomy and darker than it is, although oddly it helps the atmosphere of the gameplay. The footage was ripped cold and in one take. I didnt even know about the Map keys until after the review, but I do mention and show them. I tried to at least complete the volume balancing to an acceptable level, although I missed the upload deadline by two hours as I decided to try to fix a sound bug at 0:31 and the fact the end credit music drowns out my voice. Lo and Behold! After two hours of rendering I found almost exactly the same jump at 0:31 and still the end credits kill my voice, so that's why this was uploaded late and for no obvious gain. I now notice even the end credits 'jump' in the middle, but one bugs leads to a paper-chase of bugs, and in this case I think this review was never destined to be perfect, so out it goes! Just two more shows this season.

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