SNES Longplay [225] Street Racer

Played by MadMatty I've already recorded the Mega Drive version, but this verision is different enough to be worth playing again ;) This the Original version of the game in which all others are ported from. Yet all others turned out totaly different.. Its a much better game then the Mega drive version. You can see much more of the track although the pickups tend to blend in with the track so ive no idea what im picking up most of the time. Same issue with the Jump button being on UP so I end up hitting it accidently alot of the time (due to xbox dpad mostly...) I played just the Gold cup as you can selecting right fromt he getgo, no need to unlock. As usual the game contains my usualy pet hate of no ending at all, and goes one step further of no credit roll. Feels so unrewarding for the time you put in to beat it. It was a much better experience then the mega drive bersion which I ended up really disliking due to how hard it is to stay on the track (its beach track in particular). Nothing like the Space track in the snes version though which I was kinda looking forward too. Rumble mode and soccer mode have been included as a comparison to the mega drive version as well. I noticed on the Win screen you can press L / R to change the background brightness, for whatever reason ;) 00:00:00 - Gold Cup 00:28:10 - Rumble Mode 00:34:16 - Soccer Mode - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

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