Infliction Extended Cut (Xbox One) All Achievements Walkthrough

Welcome to a full achievement walkthrough of Infliction Extended Cut. This guide covers all collectibles, supernatural investigations, and all of the miscellaneous achievements. There are reports of people needing to find the lighter(instead of the candle) at the end of the game to burn the items with. I have come across the lighter in the kitchen in a drawer on the china cabinet a few times so best to try there first if you can not find a candle in the house. By far the hardest achievement in the game is Bright Light, Bright Light for killing the ghost with turning on the light switch. This will take a few attempts to do but do not give up! Also After finishing the game you will unlock the level select feature so if you do happen to miss any missable achievements you can always load up a stage close to the section you need. If you liked what you saw why not check out my Twitter for video updates and new guides at
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