"Super Mario Bros., Too!" or "The Great Giana Sisters"

The long strange trip of a very unique knock off. (Chapter Markers & More Below!) My neighbor down the street had a C64. We mostly played Lemonade Stand on it, but one day she got this awesome game, and life was never the same. I didn't have a C64 myself, but when I went to a computer store to ask about Giana, the shop told me the game no longer existed! So, here's what happened. Oh and Manfred or Chris, if you ever watch this, call me ok? 0:00 GTV ID Accept No Substitute 0:09 Intro: A Very Ersatz Mario Game 1:25 Mario Raises The Bar 4:40 Time Warp Takes Notice 8:27 Giana Vs. Mario 14:15 From Hard 'n Heavy To Twisted Dreams GTV is now on Odysee! Join us!!
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Gianna Sisters and other C64 gameplay by: C64 long play / recorded c64 games Super Mario Bros gameplay by raven xp Super Mario Bros 64 by Zeropaige (it was great! shame what the big N did) Other footage by WOLP, Sid retroman, gliltchogaming, zeusdaz the unemulated retro game channel, Black forest official. CMs by RPGs for raccoons, treadman, kaibiggins, thundard

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