Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Longplay

100% Longplay of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue for the PS2. This playthrough covers: - all 44 Missions (including the unlisted ones) - all 30 Kromium Orbs - all 30 Bilbies - all 50 Platinum Cogs - all 175 Picture Frames - all 25 Koala spies - all 10 Gooboo Steve hiding spots - all health upgrades - 1st place on all Kart-racing tracks Time-specific notes: - Around 14:35, I did some off-screen opal-grinding so I could purchase some of the boomerangs sooner, which is why I suddenly have so many opals at that point. - At 46:08, I’d missed a Picture Frame in the sewer area, so I cut the footage until I managed to find it. Also, if you’re having trouble getting 100%, make sure you’ve bought all the boomerangs from Sly’s Shack. That gave me a lot of trouble when I first played this. I didn’t purchase all boomerangs in this video is because I would’ve had to spend several hours tediously grinding opals until I had enough to buy every last boomerang in the game. Most of the ones I didn’t already purchase aren’t really that useful anyway, in my opinion. If you have any feedback, or questions about anything related to the video, feel free to leave a comment; I check them frequently and will always respond to questions within 24 hours. Thanks for watching :D

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