PS2 Longplay [053] Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (part 03 of 17)

Played By: Tsunao RPG by Monolith Soft. Jesussaga! I couldn't sum up the story if I tried to. It is just too damn complicated! In a nutshell, it involves robots (big and small), aliens, space, a crazy person, an alien artifact or something...AND LOTS OF TALKING (with lots of scientific crap)! There's also a hot scientist, a hot (and maybe cute) robot, a cute robot, an old robot, some mysterious dude, and a kid...and EPIC MUSIC! The game is on-rails with some dungeon exploration and LOADS of cutscenes. Having more than a Metal Gear Solid game is debateable. Battles are pretty much like Xenogears sans Gears-type fighting (A.G.W.S. aren't really useful in this game. =/). This longplay aims to complete as much as possible: getting all Segment Addresses and Decoders, get as much mail as possible, fight optional fights, explore as much as possible, fighting too many damn fights! Some fights are slow/long because I took my time trying to get the Point Event Slot. I mostly use some combination of Shion, KOS-MOS, MOMO, and chaos. Jr. gets some use but he isn't used much. Ziggy doesn't get NO time because he is super slow. =/ Ironically, I use KOS-MOS a lot and she is kinda slow (Ziggy has 6 Agility. KOS-MOS has 7 Agility). Shame, because he was one of my favorite characters when I played the game the first time. I wish I knew MOMO wrecks the game with MOMO Kiss + Ether Limit. It probably would've saved me from the drawnout Rianon Se fight. =_= Some parts are short. Some parts are long. I blame the cutscenes and plot...AND THE BATTLES! This IS a longplay. =P The long dungeons offend me since the bosses in them aren't fun. AT! ALL! Also available: all Xenosaga Episode I story cutscenes. I heart KOS-MOS! She is like a big ball of sexiness and cuteness. :3 - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

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