Streets of Rage Mobile/Bare Knuckle Mobile Boss 1: Antonio

Round 1 Boss: Antonio (I don't know if that is his canon name, but I see many refer to him as that.) ChoujinStrife here again with some Streets of Rage boss videos, for those curious as to what the series holds in terms of bosses. This time we are looking at Bare Knuckle Mobile, a 2009, cell phone remake of the first Streets of Rage. (Nokia N73 ver.) Sadly it hasn't received a Western release. Anyways, the boss, "Antonio", or the boomerang guy is back with a little visual makeover, but his attacks are still the same. He kicks if you get close, throws boomerang if you are far. Antonio will mostly circle the screen till you leave yourself open to attack thanks to the other punks in the screen. Basic stuff I guess, not too tough. Hope you enjoy. --- A big thanks to Streets of for having great information on the game as well as providing a method of playing it, so check the site out. Also to Yuzoboy for helping with recording. (I realized I actually hadn't used this program, I confused it with Camtasia. ) CamStudio is definitely better, so thanks. :^)

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