Ty The Tasmanian Tiger HD Remaster | Review

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger has been remastered and is coming to the Nintendo Switch so it's time for a Bg4ghub review of this classic 3D Platformer.
When I saw that Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was being released in a remastered edition for consoles after nearly twenty years I got a little curious because I clearly remember seeing this title on retail shelves back in the early 2000s. But I wasn’t a huge fan of platformers at the time and passed this one by. And now thanks to the retro craze I’ve become quite fond of the genre so I decided nows the time to see what this game is all about. Story It’s a simple and silly story that takes place in the Australian outback. Your Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and one of the last Tasmanian Tigers left. Orphaned at a young age you vaguely remember your parents. For years Ty has believed all other Tigers like himself died long ago. But then a Bunyip Elder finds Ty and tells him that his parents are alive and stuck in a place called the Dreaming. Now it’s your job to free them by obtaining five ancient talismans and defeating the evil Boss Coss and his henchmen. They obviously were the ones who trapped your parents in the Dreaming in the first place. Now you don’t go on your adventure alone. You’re guided by an old friend Maurie and the many other friends you make along the way. Gameplay When I began playing I immediately noticed that the game suffered from those classic camera angle issues that many of the retro 3D platformers had. Your perspective was always a little too zoomed in, making angles a real pain to see and an enemy could easily attack you from the side. Another thing was enemies in the game were extremely underpowered and my boomerang absolutely destroyed everything it came in contact with. One great addition to the game tho was that there’s a rather large choice of boomerangs to earn by collecting cogs. This really kept my interest in the game because I was determined to unlock them all to see what unique skill each one gave me. And I’m glad I did because it helped me find a lot of secrets. I also discovered a lot of secrets by mistake. Several times I accidentally fell off a cliff and discovered a friend in a cage or came across a button that I had clearly passed many times. Now let’s get to the main goal of the gameplay. You had to collect Thunder Eggs at each level to unlock a talisman to save your parents. But retrieving these Thunder Eggs isn’t always easy because there were several ways to collect them. For instance, you had to complete certain tasks such as Time Attack Challenges, freeing small Bilbies, and doing favors for friends that can include some extremely entertaining minigames. There’s also a boss to fight at the end of every zone but these boss fights weren’t challenging at all. In the end, the gameplay was still fantastic and entertaining even with the underpowered enemies and classic camera angle issues that I wish many remasters would address a little more. Graphics & Sound I took a look at some old gameplay footage of the classic Ty The Tasmanian Tiger game for graphical comparison. And I have to say that the game looks stunning in HD and although this review was done on PC I expect it to run brilliantly on the switch because this game isn’t very graphically demanding. Only given that it’s ported well. I also expect this to run like a dream on the PS4 and Xbox One when it finally releases on those consoles. As for the artistic style, I love it because I got a crash bandicoot feel of the game. And Graphically Ty The Tasmanian Tiger was a perfect choice for a remaster. I did take issue with the voice acting, sound effects, and soundtrack. The voice acting was way over the top and got annoying real quick. I understand that the developer was going for something humorous but it just didn’t fit well with the game. I thought it interfered with an already humorous storyline. And then comes the sound effects and soundtrack which didn’t fare much better either. They were quite repetitive in my opinion. Final Verdict Even with its faults, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger was a fare remaster and I was extremely entertained. I look forward to playing the sequels if the remasters are ever put on consoles. I really enjoyed reviewing this game so I’m giving it a 7.1 out of 10 It’s available now on the PC and March 31st for the Nintendo Switch with the PS4 and Xbox One dates to be announced.

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