Shenmue 2 Remastered (English) - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1- No Commentary

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Shenmue 2 : Plot Shenmue II begins shortly after the first installment concluded. If the player does not import save data from Shenmue I, the game begins on February 23, 1987. While Shenmue I told the story of the 1st chapter of the saga, the second game tells the story of the third, fourth, and fifth chapters. The second chapter happens between Shenmue and Shenmue II during Ryo Hazuki's trip from Yokosuka to Hong Kong and is just mentioned during the beginning of the game. It is available as a comic book as an extra in the Xbox version of the game. The third chapter of the saga begins when Ryo arrives in Hong Kong in order to locate Master Lishao Tao as he was instructed to do by his friend and confidant, Master Chen, at the end of the series' first chapter. This mysterious and elusive individual is Ryo's only possible link to Lan Di, the Chinese man who murdered his father Iwao. Ryo is also searching for Yuanda Zhu, a martial arts expert who sent Iwao a letter warning of his impending murder, a warning that arrived too late. Ryo meets Joy, a friendly woman who helps him get accustomed to the area. Unfortunately, all of his money is stolen as a result of a boy named Wong. If you like to Donate a single amount to Help the channel, Any amount is greatly appreciated: :
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