Can You Beat Doom Eternal WITHOUT Taking Health Damage?

Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal are easily two of my favorite games to come out in recent years. Doom as a franchise is the embodiment of masculinity and Doom Eternal shows exactly that. This game, Doom Eternal, does nothing but throw everything at you. Challenging your skill in combat. Today we will attempt the channels first challenge for the game. Can you Beat Doom Eternal Without Taking HEALTH damage? Although I was able to "Can you Beat Doom 2016 without taking damage", unfortunately that would be impossible in Doom Eternal. With all that goes on, all that happens it would be almost impossible. So we will try the next best thing. Sit back, enjoy the ride and enjoy this masochistic paradise. Next video will be another Doom Eternal one! SHOUT OUT
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#DOOMETERNAL #DOOM #ETERNAL The music in this video was brought to you by my partners over at Check them out for catchy tunes! If you got a moment, check out my other Doom and Doom Eternal videos! :) Can You Beat Doom Without Taking Damage?
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Can You Beat Doom Eternal WITHOUT Taking Health Damage? - Text Version: With Doom Eternal being out for a few weeks now, and realizing that new our favorite color is Vi----- I say it’s time we gather round the campfire and really grab this game by the b_____, testing our absolute limit. Doom Eternal is renowned for its difficulty. This game really gives you a run for your hemorrhoids and god damn I love that.. Can You Beat Doom Eternal Without Taking Any HEALTH Damage? The Doom Slayer was put into this universe for one reason. To pound the sole booty of the entire demonic force. But in this game, the enemies are a bit different from the previous entries. Being far more aggressive and wanting nothing but your d_____. The game throws not only it’s religious intolerances at you, but also a nice heaping, generous amount of weewooo. Thinking you are to be given a mere moment to breathe is already losing, and if you have played this game once, then you should know what we’re in store for. Before we start. Let’s discuss the rules: The first and only Rule: As the title states I can not lose health at all this run. I will only have 50 armor to work with the entirety of this run and if it drops below 0, and I take health damage. I must restart a checkpoint. This armor can be refilled and will give me the leniency of just a single hit or two, but truly that doesn't matter when the entirety of hell wants to blow out your ______. Before this run starts, go ahead and hop up into your race car bed. Pull the Ben 10 sheets over yourself, Grab yourself a can of sodie pop and your choice of a personal favorite opioid. Hey, Maybe you’ll even be a sweet cutie idiot and F___ ______ that like button to support me and this channel. Will the gladiator commit the cardinal sin of touching our waifu the Doom Slayer’s petite cristian body? Will Senza need to be tazed a few times so that he can keep his head in the game and focused on this W? Let’s find out. This conquest of carnage and hegemonic masculinity starts out simple. Demons have invaded earth in search of new life. They have run from their gulag death camps in hell and minimum wage jobs. Wreaking havoc on the human race as we know it. We play as Doom Guy. Aka a channel member of mine named Prismll. Being the perfect human optimal height of 5’11, and renowned as the prolific and illustrious 2020 waifu of the year. This hulking chad is humanity's last hope.

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