PSX Longplay [220] Street Racer

Played by: MadMatty Street Racer was ported to many different platforms and looks distinctly different on each. This is the playstation version and its just as evil, infuriating and frustrating as the other versions. Every race is a dual with the opponent chose at the start of the tournament and will always be in 1st if you are not, else second. All the other racers are there just to get in the way. The opponent will perform manoeuvres that do not fit with its vehicle stats and will take any opportunity you allow it to overtake. Every race will have a photo finish as its such a close call on who crossed the line first. The track is very small and the vehicles fast making it difficult to get a precise racing line. up on the dpad is used for jump and its way to easy to catch it while stearing left/right. However jumping is the only way to take tight corners alot of the time. I complete the 3 tournaments and each one will unlock a snippet of the ending animation. After winning gold, Rabbit is unlocked and I use this character in the Rumble championship. The Rumble arena is a complete mess as my controls are all messed up for some reason so I end up spinning and bouncing all over the place not easily able to hit any targets. Worse still, this takes place over ten rounds. I show the Ending animation again at the end. One last thing to note is that the credit role seems to be bugged, I guess due to the emu. 00:00:00 Intro and bronze cup. 00:17:10 Silver cup 00:42:45 Gold Cup 01:23:00 I should have stopped here but oh well, here is the awful rumble championship followed by the ending. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

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