Simulcra (amiga) longplay

This is an old video. I recorded it over three year ago and it was uploaded to cubex55 channel. Due to some bug in YT this particular game doesn't show up in search results when you search for the title keyword "Simulcra", instead video is automatically searched by keyword "Simulacra". So I decided to upload the video again with the keyword "simulacra". Video is also in better quality since I still have the original recording uncompressed on my drive. Completion of all levels, also shows the location of every extra life in the game as far as I found 'em. Title music wasn't included, straight to gameplay in level 1, there's not much else to title besides the music. Ending is included though. Pretty fun straightforward (although mazy) arcade game. Somewhat unknown. Shields are on the right besides radar display in the middle. Lives are indicated by number at the left side of radar. FFG slider at the left indicates the approx. number of missiles which are released by holding fire button. Some of ships found in sheds give extra lives. BAT items and ships collected from other sheds restores shields and flying capacity. Flying capacity can also be lost by taking damage. Then you can only "bounce". I believe the game only runs on A500 and is quite slow. I used custom CPU settings in WinUAE to get the game running on decent speed so it's more fun to play. Game doesn't have any saving or code system. You'd normally have to play it straight to end from start. I used saves between levels so I could memorize each level before recording and not waste too much video on exploring. Developer: Graftgold Publesher: MicroStyle (1990)

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