Bare Knuckle Mobile - Axel Normal Speedrun in 43:46

I managed to make this thing work on my pc so here's a run of this remake released only in japan on old era phones, this remake added some gameplay, balancing in difficulty and adam as CPU helper. The framerate is capped at 50, little lag here and there but overall it's working alright. The differences are in controls and level layouts : - Stage 1 is an altered version of the original but still got Antonio as the Boss. - Stage 2 switch directly in The beach from Original Stage 3 and has Freddie Krueger (Souther) as boss while ABADEDE is now a normal enemy type. - Stage 3 is the bridge from Original Stage 4 with Bongo now being designed with his SOR2 sprite, his movements are also different, he got a stomp charge attack. They added a second kind of trap being the floor breaking down your feet if you stand too long. - Stage 4 is the Boat from Original stage 5 with the Twins Onihime and Yasha. - Stage 5 is the Factory from Original stage 6, it kept the trap machine and added a new Boss, A big Samurai dude that throw shurikens and sword slash like Yamato from SOR3. - Stage 6 is the Elevator section from original Stage 7, the only notable change is the fact that only enemies now can fall, you're safe. - Stage 7 is the last stage of original SOR1 it got new trap, kinda like the breaking floor in Stage 3 but it's the trap Mr X use normally. You have no cops and fight the classic Boss rush from this mobile version, Antonio, Souther, Bongo, Twins and Samurai. Mr x fight is relatively the same the only thing that change is that he is more vulnerable from your grab, cant break them and his fire weapon actually hurt you and can't be deflected with attacks like in SOR1. The weapons can be picked up and used only for 1 screen, they automatically despawn when you reach the checkpoint. The cops bonus work like in the original, there's unique pick ups and recharge on each new death.

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