THIS IS THE SAME DUDE WHO HAS ALOT OF OSU VIDEOS POSTED. yep. ressurecting the best moment of fear. he taped it just for daddy...(scroll down for background story)(also check out my "highlights of the game" featured below" Well basically this is the truth. I can rape this kid as many times as i want whenever i want,however i want at any given time. If only I had videos to back up the information i claim, it would be easier to show you guys and leave it at that.The reason I dont is because just recently like last week I learned about recording with xfire. Just believe the king. Simple as this--when me and happy play, we all know who daddy is.which would bem. and even in the games i dont win, we still know who daddy is based on common sense,also my proficiency and aim as well as movement and strategic alligning in breaking through his defensive barriers with ease thus lessenging the risk for complete failture by basically just bein his superior in every sense of the word. instead of goin gon heresay, come challenge the king to 1v1. I guarantee you, you will not be dissapointed. You can easily observe how much better my aim is compared to his,as well as who has better movement, whos recoil is straighter and who doesnt play like a bitch as much. (happystick uses gay slide glitch because without it he cant win but that doesnt work against daddy so he gets mad and uses it the whole map hahaha!!!)(he also says he only uses it sometimes but this is happystick lie #4,565)Well I hope you guys enjoy and yeah I can't even tell you guys how many times i raped happy....lost count once i got in the 100s...anyway......thats the story. Also don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button , let me know what segment you guys want me to upload first in my up coming BuLLeTs Fear 101 tutorial. it will include voice over commentary and anyt ideas are more than welcome. As everyone is aware of by now I challanged happystick to an uninstall game (loser uninstalls fear forever) which he said "he was not ready to accept". hahahahahahahahaha. we know what that means. put two and two together. it doesnt matter how much of a happystick fan/dick rider/tutorial part 3 waiter you are, we all clearly see happystick got outclassed a long time ago. he is simply not the same anymore because he cannot compete with the skillsets I have produced today in modern gaming. His skillsets are still set in maybe 2011 or so, while mine continue to evolve and my actual skill is rated to be set in about 2040 or so. Just wanted to end off this lil post by sayin that its just another day for the king, rise and shine, just like the crown. Highlights of the game: 0:31 Happystick not knowing what to do next 0:50 happystick realizing who daddy is 1:30 Desperation ensues 1:52 Happystick wishin he had american skill 2:02 B makin a statement 2:46 Happystick gets raped 3:12 happystick gets raped 3:30-5:20 Happystick gets lucky 5:34 Happystick realizin who daddy is again 6:10-6:20 Happystick gets raped 6:41 Happystick gets raped 6:48 Happystick contemplating a rage quit 7:23 B feels bad for happy 7:37: Continued (feels bad) 8:30-8:46 ok 9:04 happystick gets raped 9:10 happystick realizes who the king of fear is 9:17 happystick wishin he was american 9:25 Happystick wishin he was logged in to scmd There you have it folks my special highlights of the game segment. enjoy. Wait a minute I havent even gotten through to you dudes Ive won so much, that naturally yall want me to lose But if I lose, yall be dissapointed to c me come to an end So think again, And ull realize, subconsciously you want me to win.

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