Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Longplay

100% playthrough + all 250 Picture Frames Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a childhood favourite of mine, and one of the more underrated games I’ve played. It’s very much a platformer collect-a-thon, largely influenced by the likes of Banjo-Kazooie, Jak & Daxter and Spyro. Fairly short and easy game, but an enjoyable and unique one nonetheless. It was released on PS2, GameCube and Xbox in 2002. This is the PS2 version in the video. The Picture Frames don’t count towards 100% but I showed them all just for completion’s sake. Only 127 of these are found in the main game; the remaining 123 are found in the Bonus World, which you can only unlock after getting every collectible. I also collect all 25 Rainbow Scales in Rainbow Cliffs. General notes: - At 1:02:04, I was tapping the jump button to speed through the water, so I accidentally skipped the dialogue. This is what she says: “Stay out of the way of those sharks. They’re big meanies. Press the action button to swim into the cage. Press the action button again to swim out.” - At the end of Beyond the Black Stump (4:10:43), I cut out the footage until I managed to get the last opal by taking advantage of a nice little anti-frustration mechanic. Basically, in any level, if you have 299 opals, you can just find a picnic basket and get a magnet, and the 300th opal will just come to you magically, provided it’s not inside a crate. Of course I couldn’t do this in Outback Safari, since all the opals were inside crates. - At the beginning of Rex Marks the Spot, I deliberately missed some of the crates while I was following the opal trail at the beginning, since I planned to properly explore each individual island afterwards. - Once you get all 25 rainbow scales, the reward is double health, so you can take twice as many hits. - The Bonus World portal only appears once you’ve completed the game 100%. It’s just a small area with a whole bunch of picture frames, 123 in total. Some of them are inside boxes and some are in plain sight. You have to hit a few buttons here to activate certain moving platforms, if you plan on getting all the picture frames. - It has come to my attention that the Bonus World differs depending on which console you're playing the game. If you're playing on the PS2, it should be the same as the video, but if you're playing on the GCN or Xbox, I believe the buttons are placed in different locations, and there are a few other things you have to do to get all the Picture Frames that I wasn't able to show in this video. I'm only familiar with the PS2 version, so if you need help with a non-PS2 version of the Bonus World, it's probably best to refer to GameFAQs or something, as it can probably tell you more than I can. Time codes for all areas: Two Up (8:10) Walk in the Park (28:19) Ship Rex (50:53) Bull’s Pen (1:20:49) Bridge on the River Ty (1:28:01) Outback Safari (1:59:01) Snow Worries (2:29:35) Crikey’s Cove (3:09:28) Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire (3:17:06) Beyond the Black Stump (3:38:52) Rex Marks the Spot (4:11:42) Fluffy’s Fjord (4:54:56) Rainbow Cliffs (5:00:09) Cass’ Pass (5:09:06) Cass’ Crest (5:13:56) Final Battle (5:19:32) Bonus World (5:27:22) A few times throughout this playthrough I encountered a glitch where characters say the wrong things (like at 49:33 and 3:13:41 for example). I’ve owned two versions of this game, and this glitch happened on both of them, so I don’t think my game’s faulty or anything. It is pretty amusing though. Also, I have NO idea what happened at 4:45:18. Let me know in the comments if you know of any other glitches, I’d be interested to hear them. If you have any feedback, or questions about anything related to the video, feel free to leave a comment; I check them frequently and will always respond to questions within 24 hours. Thanks for watching :D

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